Omnica began marketing its products in 2000 AD when the market was infested with ill marketing practices such as push sales and pressure sales. Substituting the prescription with a drug from a different brand and even with different molecule was considered normal. Amidst such chaotic market environment, Omnica was determined to establish its brand through doctors and prescribers by promoting only through ethical marketing practices which had been considered as a step too ambitious for a pharmaceutical company. Omnica was like- One man army for ethical production, ethical marketing and transparency in finance.

Over the years, we have developed a professional training team for marketing our products comprising of Pharmacists, Marketers and Trainers who expertise in uplifting the marketing team to the desired level of competency required to cope with and to bring change in pharmaceutical marketing. With continuous endeavor towards improvement for the past sixteen years Omnica is proud to boast about our trained, skilled and self-motivated marketing professionals.

Ethical Marketing Practice in Nepali context could be difficult to define and very demanding to practise. WHO has formulated a set of ethical market promotional principles for companies to adopt as guideline to practise ethical marketing. At Omnica, we take pride in being the first company to adopt Ethical Marketing Practice in Nepal.

Our ethnically diverse marketing department comprising of personnels from various ethnicities from all over Nepal provides congenial working environment ensuring equal opportunity for professional as well as personal growth and development.

To ensure uninterrupted availability of our products and services throughout our functional regions and to provide scientific and professional updated information to prescribers and pharmacies, we have allocated highly trained Medical Sales Officers (MSOs) in thirteen (13) major cities viz.

  1. Birtamod
  2. Dharan
  3.  Biratnagar
  4. Rajbiraj
  5. Lahan
  6. Janakpur
  7. Narayanghat
  8. Pokhara
  9. Kathmandu
  10. Butwal
  11. Ghorahi (Dang)
  12. Napalgunj
  13.  Dhangadhi

Omnica has categorised all products under three divisions for marketing, viz.

Each division has MSOs ranging from thirteen to seventeen in number, three Field Managers (FM, sales) and One Divisional Sales Manager (DSM) guided by General Manager (GM, marketing).

Omnica values continuous learning so trainings and meetings are conducted quarterly for marketing personnels to upgrade their scientific knowledge and marketing competencies.