Production department  is located at the entrance on the ground floor where  manufacturing of non-steroidal tablet and capsule dosage forms are done.  A separate area has been allocated for manufacturing ORS dosage form within this section. The rear end at the top floor of the manufacturing facility has been  dedicated  strictly for manufacturing steroid dosage forms.

The non-steroid drug manufacturing section consists of dispensing areas connected to

  • Dispensing booth
  • Granulation area with Rapid Granulator and Mixer (RMG)
  • Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD) with dedicated air
  • handling unit and wet scrubber system
  • Roll compactor and oscillating granulator Compression area with compression machines
  • Coating area with conventional coating system and colloid mill
  • New coating area with auto coater system (under installation)
  • Primary packaging area with blister and strip packaging machines

The capsule making section consists of both manual and automatic capsule filling stations and polishing machines. The ORS area consists of a filling machine with conveyer belt system.

Omnica was the first to introduce a facility dedicated for granulation in Nepal. This  area was equipped with RMG, FBD, oscillating granulator, compression machine and a packaging area with blister and strip packing machines.

The In Process Control (IPC) area for both non-steroid and steroid area are equipped with instruments such as Disintegration Test (DT) machine, electronic balance, electronic hardness tester, moisture balance, friability test and bulk density apparatus.

Production Detaprtment