Brand Name: BICARDEP
Generic Name: Cilnidipine
Preparations: 5/ 10 mg Tablets
Pharmacological Categories: Antihypertensive, Calcium Channel Blocker

Mechanism of Action (MOA)
BICARDEP (Cilnidipine) acts on the L-type calcium channels of blood vessels by blocking the incoming calcium and suppressing contraction of the blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure.

BICARDEP also works on the N-type calcium channel located at the end of the sympathetic nerve, inhibiting emission of norepinephrine and suppressing increase in the stress blood pressure.

Absorption: Rapidly
Bioavailability: Approximately 13%
Peak Plasma Concentration: 2 hours
Distribution: Liver, kidneys, plasma and other tissues
Protein Binding: 98%
Metabolism: Liver and kidney
Elimination Half-life: About 20.4 min
Elimination: Urine 20%; feces 80%

Indication and Dosage
Mild to moderate essential or primary hypertension: 5-10 mg OD; Max.: 20 mg per day

Side Effects
Gastrointestinal disturbances, lethargy, increased frequency of urination, muscle aches, impotence, abnormal liver function, allergic reaction, eye pain, hypotension, palpitations, chest pain, dizziness, headache, depression, reduced blood flow to the brain, flushing

Acute unstable angina, cardiogenic shock, severe aortic stenosis, recent heart attack

Warnings/ Precautions
• Caution in patients with hypotension, heart failure and poor cardiac reserve.
• Should be discontinued in patients who feel chest pain following administration of the drug.
• Sudden withdrawal of the drug is to be avoided as this may exacerbate angina.
• Should be avoided for 72 hours before sample collection for tumors detection test.

• Antipsychotic drugs combined with cilnidipine may result in low blood pressure.
• Antidiabetic medications along with this drug may result in change in glucose level.
• Antiepileptic drugs such as phenytoin and carbamazepine and other drugs include rifampin, quinidine should also be used with caution.

Pregnancy Category: No specific information. Caution should be exercised during use.

BICARDEP 5 : 10 X 15’s
BICARDEP 10 : 10 X 15’s