Administration Department is responsible for performing multiple functions namely, human resource management, logistics and business continuity . Administration department also holds the responsibility of carrying out various activities to enhance employee efficiency and to ensure safety and security of all Omnica employees.

All Omnica employees are guaranteed their salaries in due time, which is by the first date of each Nepali month and their fringe benefits that could cover their provident fund, gratuity, leave benefit, paid leave, bonus, social security fund, insurance coverage, conveyance and cafeteria. Additionally, the company takes charge to organise various events like picnic, Omnica Day celebration, sporting events and tours that allow to cultivate a feeling of belongingness while adding to their motivation and boosting their morale.

Our employees are our greatest assets as well as our building blocks. To ensure our development is rigid, we validate each candidate before recruitment and appointments are strictly based on the qualifications we require and the competencies they hold. All recruitments are formal and are supported by an appointment letter envisaging all terms and conditions of employment and job details.

We believe in continuous development, therefore all employees are required to upgrade their knowledge timely to enhance their performance and uplift their competency. Routine trainings and orientations are organized for each department as per their requirements to promote contemporary learning. Performance appraisal and evaluation of employees are carried out periodically.