mehesh-pradhanWith a humble beginning in 1997, Omnica has grown exponentially to become the leader in manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical products in Nepal. We have continually exercised quality manufacturing to progress not just by setting examples but by raising standards beyond the general functional perception. We take pride in our organizational goal as our objective at Omnica is to do exactly that required off a pharmaceutical manufacturer but ethically and differently yet confidently. We value and practise continuous learning to upgrade our pharmaceutical knowledge, skills and technology so that we can improve the quality of our medicine in every production.

Omnica is amongst the first pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to receive the WHO-GMP (World Health Organization-Good Manufacturing Practice) certification in Nepal. We aim to reduce Nepal’s dependence on foreign manufactured medical supplies by substituting imports of time and cost sensitive pharmaceutical supplies with high quality essential medicines manufactured in our country. We carry a history of being the first pharmaceutical manufacturer in Nepal to provide advanced life saving pharmaceutical products as an accountable and responsible Nepali pharmaceutical company.

Omnica was the first and the only pharmaceutical company in Nepal to practise sales and marketing of pharmaceutical products through prescribers. Omnica has been accepted, recognized and credited by prescribers, distributors, retail pharmacies and health workers all over Nepal as the leading company to be driven by ethical practice that challenges ill marketing and sales practices. We are proud of our self-motivated and in-house trained marketing personnels that practise science based marketing. Our professional relations with distributors, pharmacies, prescribers and healthcare workers have helped us build concrete connections within communities to work on eliminating adverse health events and mitigating suffering across the country.

Omnica has maintained a strong organizational culture and we have held onto our principal motto – “We say what we do and we do what we say”.

We are a team of a hundred and twenty dedicated individuals deployed all over Nepal belonging to the wonderful and professional Omnica family.

Omnica has continually carried its practice till date of giving 5% of its net profit back to the community since 2003 as our little efforts to be a Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) company.

Commitments for better health.


Mahesh Prasad Pradhan
Managing Director